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Batavia Agro Spice is a registered company from Jakarta, Indonesia. We are an exporter of premium Vanilla from Indonesia and distribute it to the world. Our Vanilla are superior quality at reasonable and fair price.

They are sourced from various small farmers in Indonesia, with the price decided by the farmers thus our price is not always the cheapest in the market but rest assure that you get the best quality vanilla at a price that not only reasonable for you and also for us and our partner farmers.

What makes us different?

We exclusively provide Planifolia and Tahitian vanilla beans from Indonesia.

We strive to collaborate with Indonesian farmers to provide only the highest quality vanilla beans.

We do not use an intermediary or broker to obtain our vanilla beans; instead, we buy directly from growers.

We promote integrity and openness among all involved parties in the industry, including farmers.

Our Best Products

We provide high-quality of vanilla beans. We also do custom grades based on our customers’ requests. Feel free to discuss with us what is your requirement.


Indonesia is the second largest producer of Vanilla bean, second only to Madagascar.

The scientific name is Vanilla Planifolia or Bourbon Vanilla. The distinctive curing process used in Indonesia contributes to a deep smoky, cherry, oak, woody flavour that go well with deeper flavours like Chocolate. It also holds up remarkably well in heat applications.

Indonesian Bourbon Vanilla are long, plump, oily black and very fragrant.


Vanilla Tehitensis are generally shorter, plumper than bourbon bean. The aroma is flowery, fruity with a smooth flavour with delicate vanillin kick. Mostly grows in Papua and PNG and considered as an up and coming choice of vanilla by Chefs around the world.

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What People Said?

Abelano Elroy

The vanilla beans provided by Batavia Agro Spice have the best quality, and we plan to continue our collaboration with this company

Song Ji Min

We couldn't be happier with their excellent customer service

Shahinaz Safiye Halim

I enjoy working with this company and know that they will deliver as promised with a quality level we are proud to serve our customers

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BATAVIA AGRO SPICE— We put prestige on the top, and we always provide superior quality Vanilla beans at reasonable prices, a vanilla beans supplier you can put absolute trust. Feel free to discuss with us about your requirement.

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